Why I'm Going Back To Therapy

The tide of the sea may never be at ease, build a bigger and stronger boat.
— Me (August 8, 2016)

Over the last 17 months since I quit my job I have experienced emotions I didn't know I had. New highs and lows that were very unfamiliar. Other business owners said it was normal, but I didn't feel well. While having the illustrious freedom that everyone talks about, lack of money triggered depression-like symptoms. I would find myself sitting in the bed all day doing absolutely nothing because I didn't know how I was going to pay bills. I would eat sleep for dinner because I didn't want to spend the money out of fear that I would never have more. These behaviors resulted in not being able to do the work that I needed to do to make money. The irony. 


Doubt started to creep in and started to truly affect many aspects of my life. Not to mention my panic attacks returned. Anxiety was constant and it didn't help that I can do all of my work from my home on a computer. Staying in the house added another level to everything that I was managing. In the midst of being the happiest I have ever been I didn't feel completely okay. I knew it was time to go back to therapy. 

I put off going to therapy for awhile. The main reason, MONEY. (See how the cycle continues). In the meantime, I practiced coping skills that I learned from previous therapy sessions, self-care, and knowing what makes me happy, but it's time for me to go back. These are the 4 main reasons I am going back:

  1. Find coping skills to manage the uncertainties of entrepreneurship. 
  2. To ensure that I am alright as I deal with mental health issues of family and friends. 
  3. Yearly check-up to ensure the reasons I went to therapy before (mainly my Mother) aren't dormant issues that are resurfacing. 
  4. FOR YOU.  

If I'm being honest, it's long overdue for me to go back. I've changed a lot since I was going to therapy regularly (back in 2010). Over the years I have had irregular check-ins with random therapists. Now, I'm going back to the Georgia State Psychology Clinic. I really enjoyed my experience there and although I don't remember my therapist, she introduced me to the theory of acceptance and it changed my life.

I'm excited to go back and I want to take you on the journey with me. As often as I can I will update you on my therapy sessions, my self-care regimen, and other mental health resources. 

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Looking For A Therapist? 

If you're looking for affordable counseling in your area visit opencounseling.com or openpathcollective.org to start your search. If you have any additional resources please feel free to share.

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