We're All 'Insecure': Season Premiere Review

How different would my life be if I actually went after what I wanted?
— Issa Rae

Every 20-something Black woman has asked herself this question. Usually, when she’s scrolling through social media and all of her friends are experiencing major life milestones, or when she’s putting on stockings to go to a job she hates or when she’s on a bad date. We’re all insecure. Issa Rae captures the awkward vulnerability of ‘about to be 30.’

I turn 30 in 130 days.

I am Issa.

No seriously, for years people have been telling me that I am ‘Awkward Black Girl’. I may or may not write and sing rap lyrics in the mirror or write poems called ‘Empty Dick’.

I am Issa.

Black women have been struggling to find relatable characters on television since ‘Girlfriends’. Shows like ‘Being Mary Jane’ and ‘Insecure’ allow us to do just that, but I feel like Issa may have broken the girl code in her new show. She’s spilling all the tea.

In the first episode of the series, we follow Issa through the days of her 29th birthday aka Almost 30 Birthday. In a hilarious and scarily realistic take on how women think she shows how we troll Facebook, read too much into text messages, what we talk to our friends about, how we kind of break up with our boyfriends so we can scope something new, how indecisive we can be and just how much we curse.

I feel betrayed. I feel like ‘Insecure’ is my ex-best friend. The friend who knew a lot about you and could expose you at any minute. When I was younger that was my worse fear. It happened a few times in high school, but as I got older I gained a little more fuck it in my system. I started to own my shit. You could say I became less insecure. I hope that is the theme of this show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the season premiere of the show. I literally laughed out loud a few times and completed a few of the character sentences. I look forward to seeing the development of the characters. My capacity for consistent insecurity is limited. If I had to get out of my insecure stage, so does Issa. I hope the question she opened up with, how different would my life be if I actually went after what I wanted? is thoroughly answered throughout series.

Watch Insecure on HBO Sundays at 10:30 p.m. (EST).