Author of Books I Haven't Written. Creative Entrepreneur. Sex Positive Enthusiast. Social Curator. 

I ALWAYS overthink writing my bio. I don't know if I should go the professional LinkedIn route or should I be myself. If we've met, you know where I am going with this.

I was born in Rochester, NY; raised and educated in Atlanta, GA. In high school and college I studied Sociology and Psychology with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality. I wanted to be the next Sue Johanson. Yes, the sex lady and then I was introduced to social media. 

For the last 11 years I have created an online presence that allows me to be myself. I'm a very social girl online and offline. Mastering the dynamics of social media have allowed me to work with awesome brands and companies, including launching my own company in 2015. I'm the Chief Social Officer of Sxocial, LLC – a media management company specializing in digital marketing, content curation, and engagement. Did I tell you how I love all things SOCIAL? 

Fast forward to today. I am currently writing a few books that I need to finish. I am in the process of expanding my empire with a few additional companies and initiatives. I blog and create videos in the meantime. I love pop culture and The Golden Girls. I "get the people going" online!!! I love talking about sex and any other taboo topics. 

My Motto: LIVE Better. TRAVEL Farther. LOVE Deeper. SEX More.

I want to inspire everyone to live their most AUTHENTIC and desired life. We're all going to die, might as well LIVE. 

How's that for a Bio? I do have a more "polished and professional" bio available upon request, you know for speaking engagements, ambassador profiles, and when I run for President.